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Books (4)
  Paget, Discoverer of Hades by Tory Failmezger (2)
  Roman Bronze Coins: From Paganism to Christianity by Tory Failmezger (1)
  Biblical Related Coins by James B Lovette (1)


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  World Medals (17)
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 *Sear 1775* Byzantine Empire. Romanus II Æ Unit $85.00 
enlarge/contact me about this item
Attribution: Sear Byzantine 1775 Cherson mint
Date: 959-963 AD
Obverse: Monogram
Reverse: Cross potent on two steps, between two pellets
Size: 17.94 mm
Weight: 3.35 grams
Rarity: 6
Description: VF. Includes old round British dealer tag

 Byzantine Empire. Imitative Æ Follis / Bust of Christ $90.00 
enlarge/contact me about this item
Date: circa 12th century AD
Obverse: Facing bust of Christ, nimbate
Reverse: Cross potent dividing blundered legend ИI-ƆƧ all in retrograde, with interesting triple strike
Size: 25.02 mm
Weight: 1.93 grams
Rarity: 6
Description: VF. An interesting imitative struck twice on the reverse and what looks like a triple strike on the obverse

 Septimius Severus. Thrace. Anchialus Æ27 / Prize Urn on Table $135.00 
enlarge/contact me about this item
Attribution: AMNG II 1 493
Date: 193-211 AD
Obverse: Laureate draped cuirassed bust of Septimius right, seen from behind
Reverse: Prize urn between two palm branches on table
Size: 27.06 mm
Weight: 10.07 grams
Rarity: 6
Description: VF. ex Frank Kovacs with tag

 Trajan Decius. Seleucis and Pieria, Antioch AR Tetradrachm / Eagle $65.00 
enlarge/contact me about this item
Attribution: Prieur 527
Date: 249-251 AD
Obverse: Radiate draped cuirassed bust of Trajan Decius right
Reverse: Eagle with spread wings standing right on palm branch, holding wreath in beak; S C in exergue
Size: 27.32 mm
Weight: 11.59 grams
Rarity: 5
Description: VF

 Gratian AR Siliqua / Roma Seated $545.00 
enlarge/contact me about this item
Attribution: RIC IX 27f Trier
Date: 367-378 AD
Obverse: DN GRATIA-NVS P F AVG; Pearl diademed draped cuirassed bust right
Reverse: VRBS - ROMA; Roma seated left, holding Victory on globe and sceptre; TRPS• in exergue
Size: 19.18 mm
Weight: 2.47 grams
Rarity: 6
Description: ex CNG with tag stating ex 1887 Harptree Hoard. During a drought in November of 1887 a worker looking for a water source near East Harptree south west of Bath (England) hit a metal jar of coins with his pick.  Among other things the jar contained 1496 silver coins from nine Emperors from Constantine I to Julian II with Julian II being the most abundant followed by Constantius II. The hoard was studied by the British Museum and published by John Evans in the Numismatic Chronicle of 1888 pages 22-46.  Most of the coins were returned to the finder and other than a small group stolen when displayed at a local church at the time remained in the family for more than 100 years until many of them entered the numismatic market in September of 2016.

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