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Eastern Empires
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Belgium. Brussels International Exposition by Lagae and Wolfers
Great Britain. Colonial and Indian Exhibition Medal
France Silver-Plated Plaque by Jules Edouard Roine / Soldier
France. Dodie Yencesse Medal for Club Francais de la Medaille / Ants
France Silver-plated Education medal by Adolphe Rivet
Germany, Berlin, Christian Democratic Union Porcelian Medal / Bee and honeycomb
EF/EF Prussia Agriculture Medal by Loos
Prussia. Wilhelm II, Marriage to Princess Auguste Viktoria AR Medal by E Weigand
Papal States. Pope Innocent VI Medal / Restike
Great Britain. Beaumont Institution Æ Medal commemorating First East London Exhibiton of Arts and Industry
Germany. Hamburg Literary Institute Æ Medal by Pfeuffer for Loos
France. Unawarded Silver-plated Medal by A. Rivet / Eight Dogs
Netherlands. Æ Laudatory Medal for William IV
France. Æ Octagonal Jeton by Caque / Crocodile Chained to Palm Tree
EF/EF France, Louis XV AR Medal
aEF Italy Æ Medal for Exposition Varesina by Broggi (Unawarded)
France. Napoleon III and Eugenie AR Baptismal Medalet, Celebrating Birth of Their Son
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