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Eastern Empires
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Spain-Navarra. Fernando I Billon Dinero
Saffarids of Sistan (Nimruz) Billon Dirhem
Spain. Castile and Toledo. Alfonso I of Aragon Billon Dinero
Spain. Castile and Leon. Enrique III Billon Blanca
Spain. Castile and Leon. Enrique II Billon Cruzado
Italy. Republic of Venice. Doge Antonio Priuli Billon 12 Denari
Spain. Umayyad Caliphate. Governor Yahya ibn Salama Æ Fals
Judaea. Roman Procurators. Valerius Gratus Prutah / Palm Branch
Norman Kings of Sicily, William II Æ Follaro / Lion
Norman Kings of Sicily, Roger II Æ 1/2 Follaro
gF/gF Herod Archalaus Æ Prutah / Galley
gF+/aF Judaea John Hyrcanus I Æ Prutah / Double Cornucopia
gF+/gF+ Judaea Alexander Jannaeus Æ Prutah / Double Cornucopia
Byzantine Lead Seal
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