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Anglo-Gallic Kingdom. Richard I The Lionhearted as Duke of Aquitaine AR Denier
France. Carolingians. Charles the Bald AR Denier
France. Carolingians. Time of Charles the Simple. Louis d’Outremer AR Denier
France. Perigord AR Denier
France. Valois. Louis XII. le Pere du Peuple AR Blanc a la Couronne
France. Royal. Philip I AR Denier
Royal France. Philip I AR Denier
France. Melgueil AR Denier
France. Valence and Die. Anonymous Bishops AR Denier / Angel
France, Norman Kings, Richard I the Fearless Rouen mint AR Denier
gF+/gF+ France Orleanais Counts of Chartres Anonymous Billon Denier
gF/gF Feudal France Sancerre Billon Denier
France. Provincial. Toulouse. Raymond V-VII AR Obol
France. Henri III AR Double Sol Parisis
France. Bordeaux. Henri III AR Franc
France. Charles VII. the White Crown. Villefranche-de-Rouergue AR Blanc
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