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Eastern Empires
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 Indo-Sasanian. Palas of Bengal. Vigrahapala I (AD 850-853) Debased BI/ Drachm $30.00 

Attribution: MNIS 384-388
Date: AD 850-853
Obverse: Bust of king right, Sri Vi
Reverse: Fire altar with two attendants, MA
Size: 16.08mm
Weight: 3.49 grams
Rarity: 5
Description: good Fine. Ex Bill Spengler collection with his paper envelope.
William Bill F Spengler (1923-2005) served as a Foreign Service Officer in Thailand, Norway, Pakistan and Afghanistan. During WWII, he served as a code breaker in the U.S. Army, joined the Department of State in 1950 and retired as Consul General in Lahore, Pakistan in 1976. In Kabul in the 1960s, he found interest in the ancient coins from the region and became one of the foremost authorities on the peoples who had passed through the area through the centuries. This interest in numismatics and history influenced the rest of his life. He published numerous articles, contributed and edited catalogs on world coins and co-authored two books on the Turkomans.

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