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 STOLEN!! Hadrian, Egypt Alexandria Diobol / Emperor on Quinquereme  

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Attribution: Milne 1379, SNG Copenhagen 364
Date: 130/1 AD
Obverse: Laureate draped bust right
Reverse: Emperor seated left on quinquereme, right hand raised, holding sceptre in left hand, steersman at stern, mast with standard before
Size: 24.58 mm
Weight: 9.23
Rarity: 7
Description: This coin was stolen in a smash and grab robbery by thieves who followed a dealer from a coin show in Fredericksburg, VA September 2014. They broke into his vehicle while parked at a rest stop on I95 about 200 miles from the show. If you see this coin please contact me right away! Rare. Minted to commemorate the visit of Hadrian to Egypt in 130 AD. It was during this visit that Antinous drowned in the Nile

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