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Eastern Empires
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 Spain. Iberia. Gadir (Gades) Æ27 / Two Tuna with Countermark $295.00 

Attribution: Villaronga, ACIP 665 - R1 without rare counterstamp
Date: Early 2nd Century BC
Obverse: Head of Melqart left, wearing lion skin headdress
Reverse: Two tunny fish left, Countermark appears to be CAES VAA
Size: 27.29 mm
Weight: 10.84 grams
Rarity: 8
Description: Fine. The only other example I could find of this countermark is Roma Numismatics Limited e-sale 41 lot 1 which hammered for $431 on December 2 2017. Ex Archer M Huntington Collection (HSA 1001.1.21489). Archer M Huntington (1870-1955) had scholarly connections to both the American Numismatic Society (ANS) and the Hispanic Society of America (HSA). His collection of Spanish-related coinage numbered almost 38000 coins and became the most complete collection of Spanish-related coins ever assembled outside of Spain

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