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Eastern Empires
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 Pompey the Great (66-27 BC). Decapolis. Gadara 21 / Prow $245.00 

Attribution: Meshorer 217; Spikerman 1; Rosenberg 1.
Date: 63 BC
Obverse: Bust of Hercules with Roman features left, club over shoulder
Reverse: LA (date) = year 1 / PΩMHΣ, prow of galley right
Size: 20.72mm
Weight: 7.75 grams
Rarity: 8
Description: Very rare and historically important. Minted in the year that Pompey put Decapolis under Roman Rule and started rebuilding the city of Gadara as a Roman stronghold. It's entirely possible that the portrait on this enigmatic issue is that of Pompey as Hercules. Ex Superior Stamp & Coin NYINC auction (8-9 December 1995) lot 1478 with tag.

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