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 Britain. Hanover. William IV (1830-1837) Tin Medal $60.00 

Attribution: BHM 1468. Eimer 1238
Date: Struck 1830
Obverse: Joseph before his brothers
Reverse: BC date and lengthy Biblical passage describing the scene; cherub above and below
Size: 73mm
Weight: 107.40 grams
Rarity: 5
Description: Thomason Medallic Bible Series. Joseph Making Himself Known to His Bretheren. By Sir Edward Thomasen, Birmingham. EF, very minor erosion on obverse. The original Thomason Medallic Bible Series was a set of sixty medals struck in 1830 that captured the essence of the entire Holy Bible in medallic art. The obverse designs were inspired by the works of well-known Renaissance artists and executed by several different engravers(all unnamed on the medals). The reverse of each medal contained a dense text quotation or explanation describing the topic of each medal. The 1830 set was produced in Birmingham, England by Sir Edward Thomason, who felt divinely inspired to promote the glory of God by impressing the Word of God upon gold, silver and other indestructible metals. Because of the large size and weight of this medal, it can only be shipped within the US or via priority mail outside of the US.

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