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Eastern Empires
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 Crispus Caesar 3 / Globe on Altar $465.00 

Attribution: RIC VII -- Lugdunum
Date: 321 AD
Obverse: CRISPVS NOB CAES, Cuirassed bust left, high crested helmet, holding spear over right shoulder
Reverse: BEATA TRANQVILLITAS, Globe on altar inscribed VO / TIS / XX, C-R in fields, PLC in exergue
Size: 19.22mm
Weight: 3.58 grams
Rarity: 8
Description: EF. Evidently, this is the second known specimen with Bastien 86 being the other. Similar to RIC 139 (R5) but 139 has legend 5c which has a break between the O and B of NOB to facilitate the spear head...this coin has continuing legends. See CNG 82 lot 1068 for a nice example of RIC 139. ex CGB Monnaies 27 of October 2006 lot 418 with envelope which hammered for $365. ex Jeff Clark VOTA collection

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