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Eastern Empires
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 Mint State Scythia Geto-Dacian Kings Koson AV Stater $1760.00 

Attribution: RPC I 1701
Date: circa 54 BC
Obverse: Roman consul and two lictors, BA monogram to left
Reverse: KOΣΩN, Eagle standing left on sceptre, holding wreath
Size: 19.06mm
Weight: 8.51 grams
Rarity: 5
Description: As Minted. This is truly a high end example and one of the better examples you will find on the market. Bold, full strike with choice centering and nearly a full bead on both sides. Near perfectly round flan with no flaws or issues. This coin was removed from an NGC holder and includes the original tag listing grade as MS (Mint State), Strike: 5/5, Surface: 5/5. Truly a choice example and graded at the very highest level that NGC offers

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