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 Louis XIV Brass Jeton $75.00 

Attribution: Feuardent 919
Date: 1683 (not dated)
Obverse: Bust of Louis XIV right, signed L.G.L. (Lazare Gottlieb Laufer),LOVIS•LEGRAND ROY•DEFRANCE. (Louis the Great, King of France)
Reverse: Pomegranate tree with fruit under a rayed sun, DAT. FRVCTVS. DAT. QUE. CORONAS (It gives fruits and garlands). In exergue, ORD. DES. GUERRES. PAPAREL. TRES (Ordinaire des Guerres, Paparel, Treasurer).
Size: 25.53mm
Weight: 4.57 grams
Rarity: 5
Description: These jetons were distributed to military accountants by Paparel, Treasurer of the Army. They were struck in large numbers in Nuremburg. Normally, the jetons were not allowed in France as they tended to serve as fiat currency, but somehow Paparel managed to arrange for their distribution. The pomegranate tree was a symbol of weath, fertility, and good fortune. Its fruit has ripened in the rays of the sun (undoubtedly an aleegorical reference to Louis, note the sun on his armor on the obverse)

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